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Dads are a critical part of the HeartKids community

We would like to acknowledge all the Dads around the country for the love and support you provide your families. 

Our HeartKids Dads community includes Dads of children living with childhood heart disease, as well as Dads to Heart Angels.

Often, a father’s experience of their child’s journey may be unique to other family members – maybe you were separated from the family due to work or have stayed at home to look after your other children while mum is in the hospital with your heart child. The challenge of being away from your child and family and possibly having to continue working with all this happening around you can be very stressful. We provide specialised support for Dads.

Dad sitting near to his child with heart disease, dad and mom with their heart kid

Connect on Facebook

Did you know that HeartKids Dads has its very own private support group on Facebook? Join today: HeartKids Dads

You can join the group and connect with other Dads who are in a similar life situation as you. Sometimes the only people that understand what you are going through are the ones that have been through it.

If you have any questions about the Facebook group, please contact the group admin Ben: dads@heartkids.org.au

Bereaved Fathers

Reach out to our support team or a trusted friend to talk about your experiences and feelings.  

You may be interested in reading this useful article developed by Compassionate Friends (QLD) about a father's grief.

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Online and telephone support:

Connecting with Other Dads

There are lots of ways you can connect with other Dads who understand your experience:

  • Peers as Mentors – We have a few Dads part of this program who your local support team can connect you with. They run activities such as going to the footy or meeting up for a pub meal and a chat
  • Local meet ups – Check Facebook or our events calendar for details on any scheduled local meet ups. You can also set up your own local meet up and HeartKids can help you promote your event
  • Share on Facebook – if you are planning a get together and want to connect with Dads in your area, make sure you let HeartKids Dads know by posting on the group on Facebook
  • HeartKids Helpline – Our support team is always here to help and can let you know what is happening in your area: 1800 432 785

Please reach out and let us know how we can support you
HeartKids Helpline: 1800 432 785