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HeartKids facilitates several private groups on Facebook where our community can connect, including state-based groups and a group for HeartKids teens.

Our HeartKids Support (OFFICIAL) group is a private group on Facebook where members can share questions, milestones and experiences in a caring and compassionate online environment.

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We also have state-based private Facebook groups for more specific questions and information related to your region, including local events and meet-ups:

For Young People

HeartKids also runs MyHeart, a private Facebook group for teens and young adults. MyHeart is our official online community for young people (13 - 25 years) with congenital heart disease and acquired heart conditions. 

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For Dads

The HeartKids Dads community includes Dads of children living with childhood heart disease, as well as Dads to Heart Angels. Dads can join the group to connect with people in a similar situation to them.

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