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Practical Support

We're here for you when you need it

We understand that a new diagnosis or treatment plan can impact every part of your life. HeartKids provides practical information and support to help make your life easier during this time.

Preparing for hospital stays or treatment

There are lots of things to organise when heading in for surgery or treatment, especially if you have to travel long distances. Many of our support team members are heart mums who know what this experience is like. 

Our team can provide information on accommodation options, public transport, parking and referrals to helpful hospital services. We can also work with hospital staff to write to employers explaining your circumstances if time off work is required.

Sydney Children's Hospital Network: For NSW and ACT families visiting either the Westmead or Randwick Children's hospital please download our Support Team Flyer

Preparing for hospital?

We can help you make sure you've got everything you need.

Call the HeartKids Helpline to speak to our support team. For queries outside business hours, send us an email.

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Financial support and subsidies

We know that having to travel long distances or give up work for treatment can be a major financial burden. There may be financial support options available to you.

Travel & accommodation subsidies

If you are required to travel medical treatment, you may be able to claim government financial support to help with transport and accommodation costs.

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Government assistance programs

There are variances in the financial support allowances that individuals and families may be eligible for. These depend on the personal circumstances and the medical condition the claim is related to.

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