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HeartKids is the only research funding body in Australia that specifically drives research into the causes, treatment and management of congenital heart disease.

Our research agenda is simple: ‘To advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of congenital heart disease.’ This commitment complements our understanding that congenital heart disease patients require lifelong and specialised care from an eco- system of health professionals including special CHD Cardiologists, Surgeons, Mental Health Professionals to name but a few.

In 2017, HeartKids launched its partnership with the Congenital Heart Alliance of Australia and New Zealand (CHAANZ) to implement the bi-national CHD Registry and National CHD Survey. This strategic collaboration demonstrates the strength of health professionals and consumers working together and driving health sector reform through research and evidence. The survey was published in the journal Heart, Lung & Circulation.

Our 30-year commitment to funding world class research was substantially boosted by HeartKids Advocacy to the Australian Government with the announcement by the Hon. Greg Hunt, Minister for Health, that childhood heart disease would be the Medical Research Future Fund’s Fifth Mission.

The Medical Research Future Fund are currently managing research projects into CHD and have allocated $18 million to researching congenital or acquired heart disease and the impact on families.

The Federal Government announced in 2020 the research grant recipients of the Medical Research Futures Fund (MRFF) $18 million funding into Congenital Heart Disease.

"An $18 million investment from the Government will support a further six research projects that aim to reduce the impact of congenital heart disease by investigating new ways to diagnose and treat the condition. Each year in Australia, it is estimated 2,400 babies are affected with congenital heart disease. People with complex and severe congenital heart disease require specialist treatment throughout their life."

The CHD grant recipient's projects will support research to provide new diagnoses and treatment options for those suffering from congenital heart disease.

The various projects will align with the National Strategic Action Plan for Childhood Heart Disease, and will target the Research Priorities in the Action Plan in particular:

  • preventing neurodevelopmental and mental health complications
  • understanding the impact of prenatal and postnatal factors affecting the health of children born with CHD and their families, or
  • exploring the role of exercise and increased activity in reducing the impact of CHD.

On behalf of the HeartKids Community we would like to thank the The Hon Greg Hunt MP for his continues support of the our community. We would also like to congratulate all the recipients of the grants and we are looking forward to some insightful and positive outcomes that will support all those in our HeartKids Community."

Rob Lutter


Research Funded

Read more about the research funded by HeartKids.

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Research Advisory Committee

We are assisted by our Research Advisory Committee. Read about our dedicated committee members below.

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Research Partners

With the support of our sponsors and donors, HeartKids is proud to have committed over $3.5 million of funding towards research projects looking to unlock the mysteries of congenital/ childhood heart disease.

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Supported Research

HeartKids actively supports several ongoing research projects that are seeking participation from the CoHD community. 

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