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HeartKids Introduces new Easy Read Resources

New Easy Read Resources

HeartKids is delighted to share a new a suite of Easy Read Resources designed to make information accessible and engaging for individuals with childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD) and their families. Developed in collaboration with Easy Read Australia, these resources represent an important step towards ensuring that everyone in our diverse community can readily access the support and information they need.

Why Easy Read Resources?

Every heart journey is unique, and recognising this, we've developed resources that cater to varying comprehension and learning preferences. In our community, individuals may face neurodevelopmental delay or neurocognitive impairment associated with CoHD. To address this, we’re making sure ensure our information isn't just informative but also accessible to as many people as possible.

These new resources are an adaptation of our existing factsheets. Using plain language, simple formatting, and visual aids, Easy Read Resources break down complex information into easily digestible bites.

Who Benefits?

Easy Read Resources are developed for individuals with childhood-onset heart disease and their family members. Whether facing different comprehension levels, unique learning preferences, or literacy challenges, these resources are here for everyone.

The new Easy Reads

📘 About Childhood-onset Heart Disease: Information to help build understanding of childhood heart conditions. Access PDF.

🤝 How HeartKids Can Support You: Information about HeartKids and the help available through our teams. Access PDF.

🧠 Mental Health and Your Heart: Understand the connection between heart health and mental wellbeing. Access PDF.

👶 Growing up with a Heart Condition: Information on managing CoHD for young people. Access PDF.

🏋️ Exercising with Your Heart Condition: Tips and insights on staying active and healthy. Access PDF.

👩‍⚕️ Adulthood and Your Heart Condition: Information on managing CoHD into adulthood. Access PDF.

💖 Sexual Health: Addressing important aspects of intimate wellbeing. Access PDF.

🤰 Pregnancy and Childhood-onset Heart Conditions: Guidance for parents-to-be with CoHD. Access PDF.

Click here to explore, download, and share all these Easy Read Resources.

26 February 2024
Category: News