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Emily's City to Bay Run for Donk


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I have signed up to compete in the 6km leg of the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run. All that know me will realise that this will be a challenge greater than my Bondi to Bush Fundraiser for the RFDS last year, mainly because I can’t run, I am not fit and I love beer and carbs. Nevertheless, I will be lacing up my runners hoping to make the distance and raise money for a great cause. That is where you come in.

Heartkids provides support and information for kids, teens, and adults with congenital heart disease, as well as those that have acquired heart condition during childhood. Heartkids also advocates for their needs and fund lifesaving research.

My brother Simon was born with Aortic Valve Disease, a form of CHD. The valve that directed blood flow through Simon’s heart was faulty, causing his heart to work overtime to pump blood through his body. Simon was able to live a relatively unaffected childhood but it was always known he would have to undergo surgery to help correct this issue. Surgery was predicted before Simon’s 18th birthday but in true Simon style he was able to tough it out until age 26 where he had open heart surgery to replace the faulty valve with a mechanical one. Simon recovered well from this operation, although was subject to daily medication and weekly blood tests. Less than a year after surgery, sadly Simon went into cardiac arrest and passed away at home. Simon never let his condition get him down, even after having to give up footy as a young teen and alcohol after his surgery.

So I am running for Donk, and to raise money to support other kids like him. I know he would be laughing his head off at the thought of me running any distance!
So please donate!