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Young Person

Young Person
If you’re a young person (12 to 25 years) with childhood heart disease, you can find information, resources and support here.

Young people who were born with or acquired a heart disease in childhood can live long, full and active lives. You may have unique needs and face some unique challenges, but gaining the right knowledge, skills and support can put you in the best place to overcome these, allowing you to live your life to the fullest.

HeartKids is here to support you as you transition from being a teenager into a young adult and the changes to managing your condition that come with this. We can help you to learn how to stay on top of your condition, learn more about life and important lifestyle choices, and connect with other teens and young adults your age.

How we can help you

Understanding your heart condition

When you have a heart condition, making healthy life and lifestyle choices is extra important. We have lots of resources that can help you to understand and take control of your condition.

Find out more about the different types of heart conditions.

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Learning about transition care

Transitioning from child to adult healthcare is an important step in your journey. Learning about the healthcare transition process can help to make sure your experience is smooth as possible.

Learn more about transition.

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Teen camps

HeartKids teen camps bring together teens (13 to 17 years) from all over Australia for a week of bonding, fun and skill-building.

Find out more about upcoming teen camps here.

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We hold get-togethers for young people around Australia, including lots of virtual activities that you can attend from your own home. These groups and events are an opportunity to connect with other people your age and make new friends.

Find out more about upcoming events here.

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Connecting with other young people

The MyHeart group on Facebook is a welcoming and friendly group for young people to share stories, keep informed and support each other. 

You can also check out the HeartKids blog to read the stories and experiences of other young people.

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Resources for young people

We have a range of fact sheets and resources for young people with childhood heart disease.

Follow the link to browse our variety of online resources.

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