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Volunteer with Us

Volunteer with Us
As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely entirely on the help and support of everyday Australians who give so generously of their money and time to help us.

At HeartKids we want to recognise the valuable contribution each volunteer makes by offering their time, skills and passion, continuing to demonstrate Australia’s proud culture of giving. So THANK YOU – from the bottom of our hearts!

Volunteering with HeartKids

HeartKids is able to provide quality services to children, young people, and adults with congenital heart disease with the help of HeartKids Volunteers. Without our dedicated HeartKids volunteers, we would not be able to deliver our services throughout Australia.

HeartKids has over 800 volunteers who have been connected to our organisation since we began over fourty years ago. Volunteering benefits, not just the heart kids and families who are supported by HeartKids, but it also strengthens the local community.

We are committed to making volunteers time rewarding and meaningful by:
  • Finding a volunteer role that suits your skills, background and ambitions
  • Providing information and training to ensure you are clear about your roles and responsibilities
  • Recognising your abilities and acknowledging your contribution
  • Working to make your experience enjoyable
  • Respecting that you are giving up your time and arranging activities, wherever possible, to suit your needs
  • Ensuring you understand HeartKids’ Values and Code of Conduct
There are many benefits to becoming a HeartKids volunteer:
  • Being able to give back to the community
  • Being a part of HeartKids’ volunteer network
  • Gaining skills while coordinating HeartKids activities
  • Assisting children, young people and families in need
  • Meet a wide variety of families, other volunteers and community members
  • Coordinating activities and events for families and members and fundraising
  • Retirees can make good use of years of experience
There are many rewarding voluntary roles at HeartKids:
  • Volunteer Facilitator: helping a HeartKids by planning and running activities, setting up and packing up
  • Events Volunteer: assisting with fundraising, events and activities
  • Workplace Volunteer: promoting HeartKids participation to New Parent Groups
  • Advisory Committee member: working at a strategic level
  • Special Volunteer: if you have another area of expertise which you feel may assist HeartKids, please contact us to discuss

At HeartKids we understand how valuable your time is and appreciate your help in any way you are able to provide assistance. Please fill in the below form and one of our team members will be in touch.